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Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm Sick :(

I've had a cold that's been toying with me for a couple of weeks. It started with my glands feeling all swollen. Then, last week, I started coughing.

Other than that, though, I felt fine. Not run-down, not achy. I congratulated myself extravagantly on my iron constitution.

Oh, boy.

It hit me today. Hard.

My joints ache so much that I'm hobbling like an old lady. My glands, which were only slightly uncomfortable before, now feel like they're the size of golf balls.

Time to break out the miso soup.

Miso seems expensive when you buy it -- $4 to $6 for a tub of it. But, that's only because a little goes quite a long way. I've been working on what's currently in my refrigerator for well over two months.

The soup is simplicity itself. Basically, heat some water almost to boiling; stir in miso; let cook for a couple minutes.

I also add a bit of tofu to mine. I also have a bit of bok choi, so I'll stir that in right before it's done. I usually add a bit of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil before serving. Maybe a grating of ginger.

Then, I crawl back into bed with a good book. Today it's Breakfast at Tiffany's. Fun read.


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